After going to two other dance studios and feeling like the classes were only geared towards choreography and learning dance numbers for competition/recitals, my daughter asked me to help her find a dance studio where she could learn to dance in an environment where it was ok to make mistakes and keep trying; where it was ok to be herself and express herself. She wanted a dance school that placed more emphasis on technique so she could continue to improve her dance skills. We found that at Next Level All Star Dance!! The teachers are loving and supportive and my daughter LOVES it there. Equally as impressive is the support and encouragement that the students give each other.....it is amazing to watch! It truly feels like a family at Next Level! I highly recommend it!!

- Proud Dance Mom, 2015

Awesome teachers and staff!! You learn great technique while having fun. The teachers are very encouraging and supportive. I highly recommend Next Level!!!

- Proud Dance Dad, 2016

Love love love Next Level! All of the instructors teach discipline, respect and incredible teamwork. They bring our the best in their students and a true love of dance! Thank you Miss Gina for embracing Sophia and being so flexible with this working mom! 

- Proud Dance Mom

My daughter has been dancing since she was 3. Since changing to Next Level, she has learned more in 9 months with Miss Gina than she had in 12 years with her other studio. There has been a drastic improvement in her technique and confidence. We love Next Level!

- Proud Dance Mom

I had Miss Gina, Miss Kerri, and Miss Erin on my high school dance team and could not be more proud of all their success. They individually were such great assets to our dance program, I'm not surprised they are doing so well! Keep soaring ladies!


- Proud Dance Coach

This is a school that gets "College Dance". I can't begin to tell you how many dance schools don't prepare their students for what they will face on a College Dance Team.

- College Dance Coach

I am in awe of Next Level. It was a tough decision to leave our other dance school, but I'm so glad we did! The directors are organized, patient, and so helpful! They made the transition super easy. It honestly feels like family here. And for the first time, I can really see my girls LOVING dance. They can't wait to come home and show me all the new things they have been learning in class. We couldn't be happier!

- Transfer Parent

When my daughter tried out for her high school dance team and didn't make it, I was left dumbfounded. She had been dancing for 10 years! I heard the owner of Next Level coached a High School Dance Team and figured I give them a call. Not only did my daughter make the team next season, but Next Level has really opened my eyes to what technical excellence is all about. I am so glad I made the switch and can actually see my daughter's technique getting better each day.

- Transfer Parent